Way to Go, Ohio: Recreational Pot Heads for the Ballot

2015-08-27 11:08:37

Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in Ohio have turned in enough signatures to put the matter before the state’s voters this November.

The group ResponsibleOhio says it gathered more than 320,000 signatures from state voters in order to get the initiative, called Issue 3, to qualify for the fall ballot.

If voters approve the issue, it would allow 10 state-licensed growers to provide weed to more than 1.000 retailers throughout the state.

Retail shoppers would have to be at least 21.

Others who use weed could grow their own – as many as four plants. And medical users could get the product at a discount.

State lawmakers have placed their own, competing initiative on the ballot: It would outlaw any drug on the DEA’s Schedule I list. That includes marijuana.

ResponsibleOhio is already politicking. The group is organizing a tour of the state to drum up support for Issue 3. According to a statement:

Organizers said the bus will be visiting all 88 counties in Ohio to educate voters about the amendment and the industry that will be coming with it.

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