Tons of Hemp Seed to Be Destroyed in Kentucky Due to Paperwork Error

2015-07-01 21:28:37

Around this same time last year we were reporting on how Kentucky’s first legal crop of hemp was flourishing. But, now due to a paperwork blunder made by one of the seed exporter’s which helped supply the state with their seed stock, more than three tons of the state’s hemp seed supply is scheduled to be destroyed.

Currently, the hemp seeds in question are still sitting in limbo in Chicago where they first entered the United States back in 2014 after Kentucky’s agriculture department battled in court in order to get the hemp seeds released for their research pilot programs.

They were successful in getting the seed stock released from U.S. authorities but, as we mentioned before, the mistake made by the German seed exporter will prove to be a costly one forcing Kentucky to sacrifice approximately 25 percent of their reserve.

Here’s what the Kentucky agricultural department’s coordinator of industrial hemp programs, Adam Watson, had to say in regards to the valuable blunder:

That’s not what we want, but, unfortunately, that’s the situation where we’re at. Snafus happen. ….. It’s not that we think there was any bad actor involved, but there apparently were mistakes involved.

Apparently the U.S. Department of Agriculture had granted Kentucky an extension in order to get the situation rectified but, according to Watson, Germany wouldn’t issue the needed paperwork since the seed already had been shipped.

Can you say, “S.O.L.”.

Oh well, it was just taxpayer’s money anyway, right?


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