Avg(3.5) / 0 Reviews

a hybrid strain with high THC levels providing the 747 patient with not only a psychoactive, energet...


Avg(4.3) / 1 Reviews

1024 is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred in Spain by Medical Seeds Co. The breeders claim to guard the...


Avg(3.5) / 1 Reviews

$100 OG

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

$100 OG is a 50/50 hybrid strain that packs a strong punch. The name supposedly refers to both its s...

1 Eyed Jamaican

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

3 Kings

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

The 3 Kings marijuana strain, a holy trinity of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, is a sativa-domi...

303 OG

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

The indica-dominant hybrid 303 OG is a Colorado strain bred by crossing Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Chemda...

3D Third Dimension

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

420 Nuggets

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews


Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

The "4D" has a very well rounded high that does lean slightly towards the Indica side, calming both...

501 OG

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

501st OG, bred by Rare Dankness, is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Skywalker OG with Rare Da...

60 Day Lemon

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

Medical Uses: Migrains, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia, Fatigue, Appetite

60 Day Wonder

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

Her buds are more like the Williams Wonder as well as her medicinal value, but thanks to the Ruderal...

619 Vader OG Kush

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

707 Cherry Bomb

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

Although the aroma of the, "707 Cherry Bomb" isn't very strong or pungent, it's so sweet and flavorf...

707 Headband

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

She get?s her name from her cerebral and relaxing high that has been said to feel like a nice warm h...

8 Miles High

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

818 Headband

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

The 818 Headband exudes a rather pungent fuel kerosine funk that's full-bodied smoke expands like a...

A Little Kushy

Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

While it's not a strain that's going to overwhelm you with potency, it will provide an above average...


Avg(3.0) / 0 Reviews

A-train is a hybrid between afghani Mazar I Sharif and the clone-only Arcata e-32 Trainwreck. This...

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